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03-25-2004, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
I dont think i could count how many times i've seen people go on a tirade when they dont have any idea about the situation. I've had to bite my tongue to not say somethings i shouldn't on these boards.
Not for nothing, Edge, but if people like you or Park have inside information, then why not just tell us? You may not tell us what you know, but if you happen to know of something more than we do, why not tell us that you have factual information but cannot share it? If some of us poor peasants are not priviledged enough to be in the know, then why not say something? If you know better than me on a subject, then tell me the reason. If you cannot say, then all you would have to say is you have inside information but are cannot share it. SOTI identified himself as having some inside info at times. I accept what he says as more than just guesswork. However, if people like you or Part know something, then say something instead grinding your teeth as if you are dealing with children here. We are all (for the most part) adults. And we (for the most part) can understand the need to keep some things on the DL. However, if all you can do is make yourself seem lofty (and I am NOT naming you or anyone else, I am just saying) becuase of some hidden knowledge that the rest of us do not know, then you must understand the reactions.
Simply carrying an attitude that you or anyone else knows more than so and so, does not really get it done. Then it SEEMS like you (again, a general you, and not you personally) are just posturing becuase you think that your Opinion holds more watter than anyone else's OPINION.

As for the rest,

"You want less icetime, so he takes less icetime."

Speaking for myself, I did not really see him take less icetime.

"You want him to start turning over leadership, so he lets guy like Holik and others run their mouths."

Either you are Captain or you are not.

"He helps EVERY rookie who comes on this team. Buys them a suit, takes them to dinner, works with them in practice. Talks to them on the bench.

You ignore it "

Again, if you know something that is inside information, then how is the average Joe on this board going to know of it? Most people can only call it as they SEE it.

"If the Kovalev's and the Carters and the other players on this team, focused half as well as Messier, they'd be unstoppable with their skills."

Who is denying that?

"And in all honesty if a guy like Murray develops or Lundmark finally gets it, it will be in large part because of Messier
If Lundmark can't get it going, he has NO ONE to blame but himself."

So if Lundmark "gets it", it is because of Messier. If he does not get it, then he has no one to blame but himself, huh?

"The man is one of THE greatest hockey players in history."

And who is denying that?

"If ANY of you have ever been a supervisor or in a position of other people, you KNOW you can only say so much or do so much before you're beating a dead horse."

And then comes a point that as a person who is in charge of other people, you DO SOMETHING about it.

"Messier says something, he's not allowing others to speak."

I must have missed it. What did he say besides for the fact that he refused to get traded?

Not that I wanted to rile anyone up, but knowing more than a person and not saying that you know more, but only acting as if you opinion is worth more, is not the way to go through a debate.

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