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11-04-2007, 07:57 PM
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There's a few things to consider.

Personally, I think the three most important things to consider in a stick are flex, lie, and curve in that order.

With flex, you will probably want something light. I'm a 5'8" 170 pound guy and I use a 75 flex stick. You would probably want something between 65 and 75 flex at your height as a beginner if you aren't terribly strong. If you are heavier and/or have a strong upper body, then bump it up to the 85 flex if that's what's comfortable. The idea is to find a stick that you can get to function like a whip, adding speed to your shots.

Lie is the angle of your blade relative to the stick. The higher the lie, the closer to a right angle (90 degree) of the shaft when the blade is resting flat on the ice. If you skate upright, you generally want a higher lie, and if you skate with your knees bent and body low to the ice, you generally want a lower lie. The easy way to figure out lie is to look at your tape on the bottom of the blade after a game. If it wears more towards the heel, you should find a lower lie. If it wears more towards the toe, you should find a higher lie. If the wear is even, you are using the correct lie. And by using the correct lie, it is easier (more natural) to pass/receive passes and shoot.

With the curve, it's very much preference. The more open the face, the higher your shots will go, and the more curve, the more spin and velocity on the puck. But, a face too open or too much curve, and the puck is difficult to control. Personally, I feel that a 1/2" or less mid curve (like a P88 Lindros, Iginla, or similar) or mid-heel curve (like a Forsberg, PM9 St Louis, or similar) are the easiest to learn. It encourages proper follow through and technique for your shots but is easy enough to use as a beginner.

Personally, I like curves similar to the Lindros, and I just picked up a Mission L-2 75 flex with the Hull pattern blades at Hockey Giant. Loving it so far. I also have a Bauer Endure with Lindros curve in 77 flex, which is a little stiffer.

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