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03-25-2004, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Dantes19
She said Ortmeyer wasn't even a blip on the scouts' radar, if i remember correctly. I'm not sure how you could agree with that or even defend it. The teams' scouts may not have thought him worthy of a pick, but that does not mean that they weren't fully aware of him. I don't know if you ever attended any Mich. games while Jed played there, but believe me there were plenty of scouts there to see him.
nope, i didnt. but i did know a few players there, and ive been around games enough to know scouts are very present at most any game.

youre right. there likely arent many players in the better college leagues that arent known by scouts. what i was trying to get across is that COMPARATIVELY, its pretty clear that he wasnt thought of very highly in comparison to your average (or even below-average) NHLer, and thats what i believe her original post was trying to say more than an exact pinpointing of "blip on the radar".

college players get ridiculously less respect than they should, and hopefully its turning around a little. teams still love to use those late picks on depth players from the chl. but for now, any player in any league that comes into the nhl undrafted and succeds is going to be noteworthy. as an example, St. Louis was one of the most talked about (and presumably, scouted) players i can remember in college hockey. im sure putting up numbers like that got quite a few scouts in gutterson for his games. yet he went undrafted, and no matter how "talked about" he may have been, his status as such adds significantly to his allure.

so yes, jed was certainly more than a blip. but if thats your standard, so are a vast majority of the players playing hockey in the junior and collegiate ranks.

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