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Hasek wears a 54, Brody a 52. Goalcut come in size from 42 to 62. Its rare to see a goalie in an authentic over a 58. The only tighter area on a dress shirt would be the neck and thats a different measure thats not part of the general sizing numbers used. Collar size is designated with its own measure. Tip: if your dress shirts fit tight/uncomfortable...your in the wrong size.

As far as SIZE they do correspond. OF COURSE, wearing a 42 mens dress shirt, I would never want that fit for an ice hockey jersey UNLESS its for street wear. Game wear, I use a 52 and street wear its a 42. I didnt suggest he match the jersey to his dress shirt size. Simply use a dress shirt as a gage to help determine the size jersey he would want to order, as far as chest, arm length and shoulders.

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