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11-04-2007, 09:20 PM
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Skate tightening...

Alright Ive been skating and playing hockey for about a year and I have trouble tying my skates laces tight sometimes.

I use a lace tightner and it works wonders and also tie my laces around the ankles(triple loop and all)

But, my main concern is maybe im not pulling the laces at the top eyelet correctly, as I see people tighten them with ease and I pull as hard as I can and they don't get tight. Are there any angles that I should be pulling at?

Any tips are appreciated, I never thought I would be having trouble with the simplest thing.

PS i have wax laces too.

Edit: I was also wondering if I was doing something wrong with the lace tightner, am I supposed to pull each individual lace with it?

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