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03-25-2004, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Firthbird
I have never critized Claude Julien this year, but I must say, I am unimpressed, and he looks like a minor league coach, the way he is coaching.

First of all, The Dagenais thing with Rebeiro must be stopped. Dagenais is no where near worthy of 2nd line status. The man cannot skate, cannot stick handle, cannot hit, and cannot fight. He is a useless piece of skin on the ice. I really dont understand the concept of putting him on the Powerplay. Seriously, I have been watching the games in the past week, and I am fustrated and do not see the logic behind this move.

Second of all, this is not the time of year to be juggling your lines. We had some good lines going, and we were winning, then "BOOM", he has Dags, on the second, Langdon scratched, and perreault and Ryder off there lines.

Third of all, I have not in any means so far, been impressed with the play of Kovalev. Everybody as well as I thought, he needed some time to adjust to the play, because NY was so open. Well now the question on everybody's mind is.. how long is he gonna need? Leetch was also from NY, and he has been playing very well in Toronto.

I have a bad feeling that the NY Islanders are going to catch up to us again ( and dont get started about its only 2 games, don't worry.) We are fighting for playoff position and theses are very important games right now.

I think the unexperience of CJ in the playoffs, will be the downfall to our team. To say the least, I am disappointed in him as of late!
Either way you look at it, playoff experience at any level is playoff experience. Julien is a magnificient coach in the playoffs. Was in Hull (with sometimes overachieving clubs) and in Hamilton, before the Habs went there. Blaming Claude for the last 2 lackluster performances is ludicrous. The juggling is necessary because players are hurt. Ribs is hurt. Begin is out. Kovalev is playing mostly like a wuss (thus the reason Julien sent the message by playing on the 3rd line yesterday), and Koivu has been coasting the last 2 games.

This loss had to be expected. A team that has a solid drive tends to lose 2 games in a row after a solid streak. Just human nature to slack a bit. Boston better be prepared, you won't see the same team. The Habs don't care where they finish. They just want to make the playoffs and Julien/Gainey are preparing the troops. Players are kept out of the lineup for precautionnary mesures. It's the way to go. One point until the end of the season, that's all they need. Don't worry.

Questionning Julien at this point in the season is stupid. The team ain't a power in the East.

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