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11-05-2007, 10:08 AM
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See if your organizations offers a checking clinic. Our organization requires all kids who are playing at checking level for the first time to attend such a clinic which consists of a 30 minute video and an hour and a half on the ice. The prupose of the clinic is:
  • Teach the kids the proper way to accept a check and keeping themselves out of bad situations to avoid getting injured
  • Teaching the kids the proper way to check so as not to injure somebody else
  • Teaching the kdis that checking isn't really that bad. The main pupose is (should be) to get the other team off the puck so your team can gain control of it

A lot of the advice above was good. Another critical item is to not put yourself in a position to get checked from behind. NEVER GO STRAIGHT INTO THE BOARDS FOR A PUCK. Always take it at an angle. Going straight at the boards is the best way to open yourself up to the most dangerous play in hockey, geting checked from behind. That is the first thing that is taught in our checking clinics. My daughter ignored this advice in her first checking level game. She went straight towards the boards looking down at the puck. A first year player came in from behind and drilled her head first into the boards. This even after both sides were reminded not to go into the boards head first and never hit from behind. After I got done scolding the kid who laided the hit from behind, I immediately went over to her and asked what she did wrong. She knew and has nver done it again.

That leads me to my next point, if you see numbers, PULL UP. Swerve and bang into the glass. It's not worth paralyzing somebody for life just to get the puck.

Beyond that, skate with your head up. Don't skate two - three feet from the boards as you can go sailing into them when you're hit. Either skate far enough away from them so that won't be at risk get your head knocked into them or skate right up along the boards so your entire body can absorb the hit.

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