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03-25-2004, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by penopekoo
His two penalties were awful,
They were? The first one, sure, but the second? Did you look at it closely? It was a hook in the same sense tapping a goalie's pads after a great save is a high stick with intent to injure. That was a horrible call in every sense imaginable. The 'hook' as it was called was nothing and didn't even slow the guy down. There are infinitely worse hooks that happen *every minute of the game* that should get called before that one. I have no clue what the ref was thinking and Kovalev has every right to be miffed.

Kovalev was one of the better players out there and the fans that booed should make their way down to the ice so everyone else in the rink can stone them. I'd assume it was one of those classy boo-birds that threw the drink into the Senators bench as well. No wonder everyone hates Montreal fans after completely moronic moves like these.

You know what? I'd trade those dorks for a pile of Leaf fans and the Toronto Sports Network playing 24/7 on a portable TV on my wrist at all times. They ruin it for everyone else and they're most of the reason people (like Kovalev) don't want to stay and play in Montreal. You know how he was saying he loved it a couple of days ago? You think he's rethinking that right now? So what happens if he starts lighting it up, liberally, and takes us deep into the playoffs scoring at a two-points-per-game pace then refuses to sign in Montreal because of the idiots?

Well, Gainey wanted a challenge...

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