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11-05-2007, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by kac1 View Post
Thanks a lot for the help everyone. sc37 do you have any suggestions on specific sticks with the Sakic curve? Or is that to much of a curve to start out with? I would prefer to spend $100 or less. The heel is wearing out on my Lindros which is why I want to go with a lower lie.

*edit - I wasn't exactly clear on this, but I am not really a beginner as far as shooting goes. I do have a pretty good wrist shot now. My main problem is keeping a pass on my stick when someone passes to me. Obviously that is not because of the stick.
If you are having trouble receiving passes then your correct that has little to do with the blade. Do you tape your blade? If so try adding wax, that should help a little. Otherwise its really just making sure you receive it properly, if you catch the pass too high on your blade or too low its just going to slide off, if its a tough pass in your skates spread your legs out and drop your lower hand to receive it. It just comes with practice.

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