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03-26-2004, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Bobby Orr's Knees
Continuous whining and accusing people of "trying to get you" makes you sound as mature as my 3 year old son.

When you say something controversial, you set yourself up for some flaming. It only gets worse it you reply to EVERY post that disagrees with you.
do you often walk into places accusing people of something while wearing blind folds, really your post is about as ridiculous as the entire discussion... i haven't whined, my only responses were basically asking for him to reply to the body of my post rather then some insignificant off handed topic and i countered that, but you would need to read the thread in order to know that

oh and do you see anywhere in this thread me accusing people of "trying to get to me".. you even quoted that as if it came from my mouth..... go back to changing diapers.. reading the thread was obviously too much of a hassle for you...

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