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11-05-2007, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Cujo31 View Post
Wrapping laces around ankles will decrease ankle flex. It will take some getting used to but your skating will improve with looser fitting skates....that's why i like the ccm skate lock for my sons skates. You can 'tailor' the fit while tightening, faily loose above the skate lock. Many good skaters don't even use the top eyelet.

I know how tight Paul Coffey's skates were, always exceptions that can excel outside whats best for most.
I'll second that. I started out REALLY tightening my skates as much as possible (and using a deep hollow), but I got a lot of pain in my feet and my improvement stopped. Gradually went looser and looser and got shorter laces and stopped lacing the top eyelet (and went to a shallower hollow). Between that and really concentrating on my edges in practice, I've seen a lot of improvement.

I actually had my laces come untied and loosen up during a shift this past weekend and was able to skate pretty well considering. Six months ago, if my laces were the slightest bit loose, I would have fallen all over the place.

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