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03-26-2004, 08:04 AM
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For the Conspiracy Theorist in you

and with the group that posts here, I'm sure there's a alot of you out there.

Sather playing hardball with Umberger (well not really to hard), reports in the post indicate that Sather has offered a contract to Umberger about 250K per year under what RJ is asking for. It's a good offer and probably more in line with what the picks ahead of him and behind him received.

RJ indicated that if he were to reach UFA status hometown team would get a discount.

Maybe there's already a deal in place that, if Pitt gets the 1st overall selection, they trade that pick to the Rangers for the Toronto 1st and 2 2nd rounders, Lundmark and they sign Umberger.

Yes you can counter that Pitt can just sing RJ without making the deal, but if that were the case Sather could just give the kid what he wants because in reality 500K over 2 years is *** money.

I believe that Lundmark will be a solid 2nd line player for years to come, but probably moreso in a less pressurized situation like Pitt than in NY.

Pitt gets basically 3 1st rounders and 2 second rounders for the 1st overall selection and while that 1 may be a great player, the depth that Pitt gets may be to tempting to pass.

The Rangers then have the top pick in Ovechkin, and their own pick to use on someone like Barker (if he's still there at #5)

just letting the voices in my head talk out loud.

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