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03-26-2004, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by fufonzo
I know I'll probably get into some trouble with big Ribeiro fans but....

I like Ribs and think he will possibly be our best player in the near future. But honestly, what's with the staying down on the ice after a little hit or a high stick?? You know he's not really that hurt cuz he's back out for his next shift. I think it's an embarassement for the whole team and the whistle blows when our team has possession of the puck thus ruining a possible scoring chance. When a player stays on the ground, it should be because he's unable to skate back to his bench alone. C'mon Ribs, toughen up! This isn't ringette.

Every players goes down when they receive a stick in the face. His game bring the opponent to cheat and take numberous penality on him. I see it as a good thing,

It's not like if he was staying on the ice after the wristle just to receive applauses but when the "agression" is made they have to go down or there will be no penality.

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