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11-06-2007, 12:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Predanerd View Post
Having played both, I love ice hockey so much more. Faster skating, better maneuvering, more strategy. Maybe you can give me a few tips on roller. I keep trying to cycle the puck in the corners, but that 3rd forward is never there, lol. And in the defensive zone, we're supposed to play man to man all the time, and I'm just not used to it. I get so tired chasing a guy all around the zone. What are some key differences in ice to roller as far as play making goes?
haha honestly man...shoot it! The rink is too small for thinking. In my experience, the teams with the more shots is the team that wins. Most of my roller hockey goals come from walking into the slot and shooting through a screen, or off the particular 2 on 1s, and breakaways.

Also no offsides or icing is so easy to take advantage of. being able to do a dump and chase from your own zone is something useful that my team has started to take advantage of. Just have one guy sprinting up the rink, if there's no pass then they just float it over everyones heads or fire it along the boards. It's so easy to catch people sleeping when there's no offsides or icing.

Also when I say shoot it, I mean quick snap shots and wrist shots. There's no room for a slapper, almost always gets blocked. And depending on your surface, a lot of the time when the goalie goes down...they wont be able to slide or maneuver along the ground like a goalie would on ice. So cutting across the crease can lead to a lot of easy goals. Whenever I do that I usually have the entire upper portion of the net open.

Still workign on my ice skating =D Stopping on my off side (left) is something I've never been able to do, even on roller skates. It took me a while to even notice that I can't do it. I got a lot ahead of me to practice =[

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