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03-26-2004, 10:44 AM
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Feel better now?

All right, with all the new threads I saw open up yesterday, I decided some of you guys needed a swift kick in the ass.

Instead, I thought I would show you some links to raise morale and to (if God hasn't commited suicide yet) shut some of the *******s for good.

So here we go:


Wow... THN's team ranking puts us in 5th... Not bad for a team everyone predicted would crash and burn and be mathematicly eliminated before 2004 came around:

Wow, Theodore really sucks. He really doesn't deserve his huge contract. Huhuhuh, blablabla, mommy bring me a lolly:

Americans don't know anything about hockey... bunch of stupid morons. Then I guess CBS putting us 5th in their Player Ranking and 7th in their Power Ranking isn't worth ****:

Well, well... Look who's in 7th place in the top 10 contenders list. Let's fire Julien since we'll never make this year's playoff. It will be impossible to clinch a single point IN 5 ****ING GAMES:

Of course, you guys can argue that these rankings are only their author's opinion, that it doesn't reflect real life and that it doesn't mean jack squat on what will happen in real life. Yeah? Well, guess what I'm thinking when I see some of the **** that's been written here. People in here think they're God's gift to analysing hockey. Some of you guys need to either buy a life or grow a freaking brain....

cause Dutch's in town and ready to kick Boobirds in the nuts.

P.S. If Koivu get's booed in the playoff, I'm buying myself a Leafs jersey.

P.P.S. It'll be Kilger's jersey.

EDIT: One of the links (last one) was wrong.

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