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11-06-2007, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockey Outsider View Post
One thing that might have worked against Horner is that, in the 1930s, they had voting on a left D/right D basis. Nowadays, all defensemen eligible for any of the first or second team spots. I don't remember offhand if Horner is a left or right D, but if he was the same position as Shore, he had no chance at making the first team for virtually his entire career.
That's good stuff, HO. Based on handedness, unless they were playing in bizarro world, Horner was a right D and Clancy (his regular partner) was a left D. Shore was a right D, as well, correct? Do you know what side Earl Seibert played? I hadn't realized that the early all-star voting for defensemen was restricted by side, and as Shore and Seibert are both pretty much 1000 lb. gorillas, it seems fairly relevant which side they played. Many of the top defensemen of the era were right shots (which is odd): Shore, Seibert, Clapper, Coulter, Horner, Mantha and Wentworth (there may be others). All can't have been right Ds as four were once all-stars at the same time (Shore, Clapper, Seibert and Coulter), but unless things were really done differently in the 30's, it does look like a crowded field on the right side. It was, in all honesty, a crowded field anyway.

Second, based on my work, I'd say that the voting was too complex and widespread for there to be any intentional biases against young players or any "lifetime achievement awards". But sometimes there are biases where a lot of sports writers think and vote the same way. A bias is possible, but it's not like the NHL decided to give Bill Cook a career achievement award.
Well...sometimes I think there are intentional biases; Ted Kennedy's Hart Trophy, for example. In the case of all-star voting in the 30's, it may just be the case that the writers went into the season with such solid preconceived notions of who was best that they largely ignored the actual hockey being played, but clearly there was something rather off about the voting on a number of occasions.

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