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11-06-2007, 06:08 PM
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Originally Posted by sc37 View Post
I personally don't think Sakic is too drastic of a curve, but it is open so it's semi-cheating to get your shot up. But if you have a good handle on a shot, sounds like you do, and it meets your requirements give it a try. Sakic would help with the wear on your heel too cause it's got a decent rocker on the bottom of it.

What do you mean by decent rocker? Does that mean more curve on the bottom of the stick? I've been experimenting with different blades and focusing on lie and shape (Sakic, Drury, etc...), but curious as to what role the rocker plays.

The Drury is more open and I can lift shots a lot easier, but I have much more trouble stick handling with this blade. Even though its the same lie, for whatever reason the puck sometimes slides under the heel with the Drury.

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