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11-06-2007, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockey Outsider View Post

Right defense: Eddie Shore 29, (Ivan, I'm assuming) Johnson 2, King Clancy 1 (total votes = 32)

Left defense: Ivan Johnson 17, Hap Day 4, Bill Brydge 3, King Clancy 3, Lionel Conacher 3, Eddie Shore 2 (total votes = 32)

Eddie Shore and Ivan Johnson have huge leads and both get a spot on the 1st team. Johnson is second on the right side but he obviously can't get on twice, so the next best righty, King Clancy, is selected. (I'm a big fan of Clancy but it's pretty unimpressive to earn a spot on the all-star team by getting just one vote).

Lionel Conacher is chosen as the 2nd-team all-star for left D. This doesn't make sense! Hap Day clearly has more votes (4 vs 3), and Conacher didn't have any votes as a righty to give him an advantage. Even Bill Brydge (I'll admit, I've never even heard of him) has as many votes as Day. It looks like Day got blatantly cheated out of a spot!

Maybe I wrote these down wrong, or maybe the Globe had a typo. But, as far as I can tell, Hap Day should have been an all-star in 1933.
I guess somebody was suffering from "left-right dyslexia" amongst columnists.

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