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03-26-2004, 01:54 PM
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A lot of this is so speculative. Brooks is wrong a lot more often than he is right in these matters and I'm sure Brian Lawton, RJ's agent (and a decent hockey player to boot), is feeding as much missinformation as he can in order to help his client and light a fire under the Rangers' BRass.

This is not to say that Brooks IS definitely wrong. It's just that he COULD be wrong.

In any case, RJ hurt himself by not playing last year and I can't blame the Rangers' management for taking their time. If this is the 2nd team that's trying to "low ball" R.J. then perhaps there's something there. I couln't possibly imagine someone trying to low ball the likes of Ovechkin once he's perhaps R.J. thinks he's worth more than he really is. We don't know yet because we haven't seen hm and he hasn't helped himself in any way...

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