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11-07-2007, 06:58 AM
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Interesting story about how Trotz is handling his goalie "situation."

Basicially he is not telling them who is playing until a time of his choosing the day of the game.....telling them to get a good meal, a good night sleep and prepare as if you are going to play to both goalies.

Interesting responses to that set up by both goalies.

Mason, the supposed #1:
I don't like it...I like to know ahead of time....but Barry is the coach so whatever.....

Ellis, the supposed #2:
I like it.....makes me not worry about's predictable [?what?]......I hope Barry keeps doing it.

Of course the supposed #1 hates it, because it is saying that he isn't the true number one. Mason likes his routines, and this definitely disrupts his makes him be on edge, even when he is not theoretically he never gets a chance to truly relax. Could you imagine what Vokoun would have had to say about this setup....

Of course the the supposed #2 loves it, because he has a chance to be more of a 1a goalie. It also seems to fit Ellis's personality better as he appears more spontaneous and less rigid than Mason in his routines. Also there is a ceertain degree of Barry buttkissing going on here.

In reality what Trotz has done here is create #1 and #1a goalie situation here without giving Mason the humiliation of stripping him of his "#1 status". Interesting mind games here.....on the surface it would seem to play in to Ellis's personality make up and situation rather than Mason's.

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