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11-07-2007, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueEagle View Post
lol the language war continues on in moncton eh? Why would you need interviews and re-caps in english to root for a team? This would mean that me being a french person in moncton, would not want to root for the wildcats because they don't interview or re-cap in french??.

You have to respect the history of this university. How hard the french people fought in moncton for the right to speak french. Now you're saying to our only radio station to do interviews and re-caps in english? Some of our students don't even understand english. It would pretty much contradict everything the university fought for back in the days.

I see where you're coming from here but you can't expect UdeM to do interviews in english. It would be like askig UNB to do french interviews for the french people of fredericton...
I was responding to the call for sponsorship for CKUM, some ENGLISH interviews and after period re-caps to gain sponsors.
There was a time in the 60's-70's-80's when Les Aigles were the talk of the town.
If the right promos where done they could almost equal the Cats?
Moncton is a bilingual city and nothing survives long with-out appealing to the 60/40 split in languages.
To say Les Aigles are Equipe Francaise should be as foriegn as saying Wildcats are an English Team.
Niether linguistic community on it's own is strong enough to support fully any thing. They need the support of the whole community. We are just too small a centre to have ghettos.........if you get my drift.
Therefore Les Aigles to be all they can be have to appeal to the whole community.
I'll stop now, just wanting our city to be all it can be.

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