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03-26-2004, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Okay, I know the Leafs are our nemesis and biggest rival, but I can't see how they have anything to do with what happened on the ice. True, it's fun to blame everything on them, but only in the same amusing way that South Park blames everything on Canada. There are a lot of former Leafs out there who have been classy players and haven't done anything particularly stupid, and if I bring up Russ Courtnall, I would hope that any Leaf fans reading this don't gag too much as they harken back to the trade.

To the second part of your statement that I've quoted, taking Mair's knee out, I find it somewhat distasteful. Maybe Mair went at Souray with the express intention of hacking him off at the wrist, but even were that so, retribution in the form of a violent act that removes said player from the game doesn't solve anything, all it does is encourage animosity between the clubs and leave more potential for injuries in the future. I think we've seen more than enough injuries as a result of retribution this year, and even the most ardent fans are probably getting sick of it all.

If you are going to blame the Leafs for anything, then look higher than the players at the coach who has complained so much and so often that you begin to wonder if the refs aren't just plain tired of hearing it so they call less during games. If I'm a ref, then the lack of respect I get from guys like Quinn would have me completely fed up. Nothing the refs do is ever right - no one says, "Hey, great call," to them ever. There are no congratulatory notes on how they handled things, no general public thanks from the league for their work. I'm of the opinion that people do a better job when they know it's appreciated. At least blaming the Leafs for fostering resentment against the refs seems more realistic as they're very public about those beliefs.


I'm not blaming the Leafs in the sense that it is there fault, but by developing players the way they do, they do breed this type of player in the league and there is no question that Mair learned his stock and trade in Toronto.

That said, I wish we had a similar guy who would go out and make the other team pay for a dirty cheapshot like that. Everyone knows all the trouble Souray has gone through with his wrist and to go after it so blatantly like he did is inexcusable. If I were on that team, I would definitely have taken his knee out much like Gilmour tried to do to Varada after Varada kneed Theo in the head in Buffalo.

I don't care about starting animosity, they are the ones who started the animosity and I don't go for all this Ken Dryden Hand-wringing about violence in the game, when his team is the main culprit of a lot of that violence.

I just don't see why Mair would do it. They aren't going to catch us in the standings and we're not playing them in the playoffs (if they make it), so what's the point?

People talk about getting fighting out of the game and increasing penalties for highsticking and slashing, but then stuff like this happens and the Moore elbow to Naslund's head happens and you HAVE TO retaliate or your other players are fair game. What Bertuzzi did was wrong because he didn't do it properly, but Moore definitely had it coming.

Ah, for the days of Chris Chelios, Claude Lemieux, Larry Robinson... guys that would make you PAY.

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