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Originally Posted by WORDMARK View Post
Hah, it probably has alot to do with laziness.

But the funny thing is that when I am in a one-on-one situation I dont think at all and work my tail off to beat the other person to the puck/ball.

Maybe I get lazy in a group situation, or maybe the simplicity of those one-on-one's just makes it easy for me to react quicker.
Simple sports psychology, my friend. In a one-on-one situation you know that you're the only guy who can make the play , so you drive yourself to do it. In a multiple player scenario, there is a natural tendency to assume other players will make the play.

Think about how a player splits a pair of defencemen in soccer or hockey. Each defenceman assumes the aother will step up to make the play and the offensive player blows right through them.

So while it is understandable, only you know the motivation:

- a 'respect' for the other players, giving them the right of way to make the play, especially prevalent in 'rookies'

-maybe, like you mentioned, too many x-factors in play....too many unknowns

- maybe you just need a break from sports in general, try some other hobbies

- straight up laziness, even

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