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11-08-2007, 03:44 PM
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i think a woodie would be fine for her as well, ive known girls that have gotten wood sticks and kept them for multiple seasons, they just dont weigh enough to bust through them quick. i think beginners/intermediates benefit greatly from wood as it helps get feel for the puck, helps you develop hands, and as it breaks down your hands have to adjust and apply different amounts of strength to get the shot where you want it. i think composite stuff can be overkill for a lighter beg/inter player. i would look at sherwood 7000's, and i believe easton makes woddies, tho i cant speak for the quality. when i use a woodie i go to the 7000 first. spezza is a pretty nuetral pattern/lie. a lot of people like the coffey still, but its deep. i also find i prefer deeper curves when using a woodie. this years crosby pattern seems not too far from a sakic, and they raised the lie on it i believe.

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