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11-09-2007, 12:45 AM
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Originally Posted by saveourpens View Post

i know its an incredible case, but look at lemieux, I heard something like he didn't even see a set of weights before he was drafted.

but to echo others, it definetley gives you an edge
Weights are not part of the Conditioning equation. Hence the term STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING. Two distinctly different aspects. He may have not been the strongest horse in the stable but I bet ya he could run the distance with any of them. That is what conditioning is about....

Mad skills such as Ovechkin or Crosby may get you noticed but if you cant skate an entire practice and drag butt a half hour in, think they would get called back for a 2nd day? Lacking skills but being able to GO for an entire practice, start to finish, will almost always give you that 2nd day.

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