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11-09-2007, 03:15 AM
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If I read your description right, you're experiencing a habitual breaking of your mind-body complex. Essentially, the constant action of team sports (the fast pace of hockey in particular) causes you to drift off in a way.

For the highest level of athlete, there is no thought, just action. This is because though experience all decisions have become reflex; a complete unity of body and mind in a sense.

The specific flow of hockey causes you to drift off as you watch the play and therefore become dissociated with the action itself.

My main recommendation would be to meditate. You need to strengthen your realization of body and mind as one. I would sit comfortably in one spot with the lights off. Just close your eyes and focus on slow, deep breaths. Make sure there is nothing to distract you and just hold this position and continue breathing in and out. At the same time only think about your breath. Make it your entire focus. If you do this for around an hour it should help.

....also make sure you're getting enough sleep before the game. Sleep is some of the strongest factors in sport performance but one of the easiest to fix. Go to bed early and eat well on game days. It will help.

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