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03-27-2004, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
This is the whole thing. We'll find out just what Sather means by a rebuilding based on these two issues. If he means a genuine rebuilding, he should be looking for no free agents more than a couple of role players like Barnaby and Rucinsky. These are guys who can help a team but aren't going to make it substantially better; they aren't going to add more than 4-5 points over a season. If Sather is serious about a rebuilding he has to be willing to let next year's team be as bad as this year's team, and that means no Federov-types. He needs to walk into another draft armed with a top-5 pick. He can't afford to think he's accomplished his rebuilding with a handful of second-tier prospects and 2nd round picks.

Second, his choice of coach should gear towards one whose best asset is training and developing kids. The goal of the organization should be making good kids into good NHLers, not making the playoffs. In addition he has to be willing to let the coach do his job in his way. it's fruitless to bring in another puppet.

We'll see if Sather has the will to do either of these things. Personally I have little hope because both go directly to the question of ego. Sather knows perfectly well his reputation is badly tarnished. He wants back into the playoffs badly; I don't think he's willing to settler for anothe bottom-5 season. I also don't think he's willing to get a strong coach who will turn off the walkie-talkie when he wants.
Sather appears to not want to overpay umberger, which im not sure is the right thing to do, but if we dont sign him and end up with five 2nd round picks, we need to move our late first along with a 2nd and something else if need to be to get another top 10 pick where we can still get another top prospect

we defintely need to hire the correct coach, and to be honest i have no clue who sather will target and i dont think he has begun to start looking, which could be good and bad, bad because we need to get that straightened out, but good because maybe mcgill will be promoted since we know he has a strong system and works well with kids

as for UFA's we know sather will be active, its just how active, i believe mironov will be re-signed and rucinsky along with barnaby will be brought back

mess will most likely not be back, he has no reason except for personal accomplishments, i can actually see sather not re-signing mess, so sather will target a center and probably a goalie (khabi for sure, rolston is the center i can see him going after if he does not try to re-sign lindros)

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