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11-09-2007, 11:48 PM
Raoul Duke*
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Don't just shoot, that's not right. You'll **** everyone on your team off if you just fire it off with the belief "If you don't shoot you won't score..."
I played with a guy like that, he was the most irritating person I was ever on a line with, and he barely scored to begin with...

Get open is the biggest thing, and don't be afraid to yell for a pass. Unless your linemates have eyes in the back of their head, let them know you're there.

After that, practice getting your shot off quickly, half the time it doesn't matter what spot you pick. Just get it off, the goalie won't have time to set himself or anticipate where you're going with it.

I used to practice for hours in my parent's garage racking a golf ball off the wall and just getting it off at the net when it came back. It hits your stick so quickly with a golf ball you learn to just direct or shoot. Try the same on the outdoor rink where you can barely see it on the ice. Suddenly the puck seems slow motion in a game.

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