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11-10-2007, 10:40 PM
The Devil In I
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So close to returning...

And I can't stand the wait anymore. Last April I blew out my left knee (torn ACL, MCL, + tears to both menisci), and after 7 months of no hockey, I'm about 1 to 2 months away from returning. Now is when it's getting really annoying though, I'm basically fully healthy now, just missing about an inch (circumference wise) of upper leg muscle. Especially with all the hockey I'm watching with the NHL in season, and the weekend D1 games at my school, I'm getting the itch to play.

Anyone with some advice on how to get over the fear of re-injuring once I get back into it? I started some jumping and more advanced excercises at my last therapy visit, but I'm very hesitant to start running. I probably won't do any running until I get my custom fit brace (which I need to get the size back in my leg in order to get). I'm gonna start out just skating by myself (roller hockey player) at the small rink in my schools gym, and over time start playing some light pick up games before getting back into leagues.

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