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03-27-2004, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by BruinsGirl
I'll say Habs didn't play well offensivly but not bad defensivly. B's were having alot of trouble in O zone..(although it's our story of couple of the last weeks).

How can you say B's were playing dirty is beyond my mind.

Begin? Well..he is not a squirt right? He saw Thornton coming very well and PUT himself in that position. Joe's ejection was ridiculous as was reaction of the refs to the same kind of hit by Begin on Gonchar.

I've been on these forums long enough to know what you think about Kerry Fraiser.

I remember your game against NJ last year when Ribeiro(I think) scored on Brodeur and Kerry decided not to count it because of goalie interference and at the same time didn't call goalie interference.

He has his own set of rules. (Like tonight's one about penalty call)

Congrats on clinching the playoffs but I don't understand how would you hate B's based on tonight's game.

I don't think we really hate them , it's just because it was an intense game. People (like me) will cool off

And also the effort by the canadiens was not that good , so it is another reason :p

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