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03-28-2004, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Er...because his stats are amazing and even though he's behind a better team, they still have a somewhat weak defence.
Their team defense is head and shoulders above the one we had back in 01-02 IMO. Our system (if you can call it a system) was to try to allow only shots from the outside and to chip it off the glass as soon as we had the puck. Puck possession and forechecking were inexistant. Basically our goal was to try to score the first goal and then hang on for dear life hoping Theo would bail us out.

Just for fun let's compare our forwards with what they have had all season long :

Joe Thornton VS A washed up Doug Gilmour who came into the season out of shape and only started lighting it up by january.

Glen Murray VS Richard Zednik who was starting to break out and scored 21 goals I think that season

Samsonov VS Petrov...

Rolston, Lapointe, Axelsson VS Juneau, Dakcell and another stiff

And Breezer and Dykhuis were our top dmen. I could go on but it would get repetitive. They are better at every positions than we were back then. The 01-02 habs and the 03-04 bruins teams aren't even comparable. We were never able to dominate other teams like the Bruins did tonight against us. There's no denying that Raycroft stats are helped by the fact the team he has in front of him is much better than what Theo had in front of him. And stats are pretty much the only argument you can use to argue that Raycroft has had just as good a season IMO.

Originally Posted by Guy!
I think he's been amazing this year and if he keeps it up will probably challenge for the major trophies sooner or later.
Agreed. He's certainly my favourite for the calder at this point. He could even get consideration for the Vezina and is by most accounts the bruins MVP. Just an awesome season for the rookie.

As for the future. He's most probably got a great career ahead of himself. The skill is definately there and he's got very good composure. But who knows what the future is made of. Goalies are the most unpredictable players in the NHL.

Originally Posted by Guy!
In fact, I'm not sure why Hab fans (or any other for that matter) would deny the comparison since not only is it valid, but the two are both very close.
The stats are comparable and even favour Raycroft a bit. But aren't the bruins statisticians the same guys who most people complain about because they award way too many shots ? I never had a chance to verify this but I hear that quite frequently.

Originally Posted by Guy!
We may not like it so much, but the Bruins have themselves a real goaltender - first time in a long, long time.
I got nothing against Bruins, their fans and Raycroft (beside the fact I hate them all... :p ) but I just don't think his calder worthy season (and maybe even Vezina consideration worthy) compares with Theo's Hart and Vezina season. Raycroft might be the bruins MVP but Theo was the league MVP.

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