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03-28-2004, 01:27 AM
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Originally Posted by FerrisRox
I'm not singling you out here...
Just because he is in the lineup playing right now does NOT mean he's recovered from his shoulder injury.

Watch how often he is missing the net. Compare that to earlier in the season.

Kovalev is CLEARLY playing with shoulder discomfort and it is obviously effecting his shot. He is passing off a lot more then his regular game, and while he still has his quick release, the accuracy of his shot is effected.
Hey, Kovalev have only 13 goals this year! 13 goals! He's not injured. If he was unconfortable, CJ would give him a couple of games to rest. And, even if he was injuried, that's not a reason to miss the net like that. As for those who say that he's not in shape, it's total bull****, these guys are athletes.

What i think is that Kovalev confidence is low right now. He's not working hard enough to obtain quality scoring chances too.

The team don't play well in the last 3 games, that doesn't help.
I hope Kovalev will score some goals in the playoffs!!

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