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03-28-2004, 03:37 AM
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Originally Posted by theo6060
Seriously, what are the odds. I'm sure we'd all agree that we are looking for a goalscoring forward of Kovalev's stature (despite the fact he hasn't score a goal in every game) but let's face it, what are the odds he signs with Montreal this summer?

Lets look at the facts. He has said that he doesn't play for the money, but what player doesn't? He'll take $6M over $4M any day just like any sane person, but with all the free agents and the CBA coming up, what do you Habs fans think are serious, non biased, actual possibilites that this superstar decides to re-sign in Montreal? I've heard he likes it here, but is he prepared to take a pay cut? Post your predictions, I'm interested to see what others think from a non-fan basis on his UFA status this off-season.

I'll take the other side of it and wonder if Gainey will attempt to resign him. He'll have to take a pay cut, imo, no way do I see Gainey shelling out anywhere near 6M even though the guy had over 40 goals only 3 years ago, we will already have Theo at 6M, Koivu at 4.5M, Brezzy at 4M, Rivet at 3M, and Souray, Zednik, Ryder and Ribeiro all up for a solid raise. Ryder and Ribs shouldn't be too bad cause they are still young and not making much this year, but Souray and Zednik should be over 2M each but hopefully under 3M a piece.

I know the new cba will have an effect, but it's not till sept 15th, so everybody hopefully is signed by then unless it looks really bad. But even if we go far in the playoffs, I would think that management tries to keep a somewhat tighter grip on the finances.

But if he would take a pay cut, and wants to play here next year, I can't see why Gainey wouldn't want him back. He just turned 31, so he should have a few years left in the tank I would think.

I hope he's brought back next year, just not at 6M, as I think it will take him till next year to fully adapt to the system. Dowd seems to fit the system well cause he came from a system, whereas Kovy came from a free for all.

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