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03-28-2004, 06:48 AM
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Originally Posted by PizzapieZeppelin18
How'd I do in the draft,guys?

I was shocked. I don't think anyone had a particularly bad draft as occurs in most of these leagues. Usually there is at least one team that you know is going no where and another couple who appear to be clearly inferior. Not so in this draft IMO. Some teams are clearly stronger than others in a particular category, some wemt for balance. I did. Usually I punt SBs and go for power, but I followed my guide from my last championship and went for a mix. Unfortunately, last time, I think I had a better team. Ths time I gambled a little more.
As usual, several times I had somebody lined upo and some grabbed them a pick or two before me. I hope I reciprocated FP33 and King
As for your team, If Griffey Jr. stays healthy, he will help Green (who I like) and Sexson (great pick IMO) keep you afloat in HRs and RBIs, but winning there will be tough as there are several teams that went power crazy(GagsIsDaMan comes to mind). Batting average is always hard to judge, but I don't see any real high average guys in your lineup. Furcal (excellent) will probably lead you there and your speed is weak outside of Furcal. I like your bullpen, Smoltz will be strong and Benitez will garner some saves. Two closers will keep you in the hunt. If your brittle rotation stays healthy, you may fare well in wins, although there are at least two guys who drafted heavy in the win category (Aces High - swedishtigger18, and tra la la - blah?). Era and Whip Ratio? Who really knows? Solid draft, we'll see how it all shakes out in a month or so. We all probably need to make some adjustments. Look for lots of wheeling and dealing. Good Luck.

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