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03-28-2004, 10:18 AM
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What I learned over the Weekend...

after hanging out with a bud that is an agent on Friday (Beware, I'm paraphrasing here, and mostly trying to get the gist of what he told me across. Good accuracy, not 100%):

-The Clarke/Hextall/Holmgren braintrust in Philly is in the opinion of this one person, the worst in the league, followed quickly by the NYR and the Leafs.

-The best, according to him, Ottawa, whose head of player development also is head of the US junior team development (I think).

- RJ Umberger is getting bad advice from bad agent who is not very respected. He was offered $800k by Vancouver. Also, RJ is NOT better than Kessler (or whatever his name is), and needs to accept that, and should sign a contract ASAP.

-The NHL draft is not the same as the NFL in that the #5 pick should expect to get more than the 6th and less then the 4th. It all depends on when they are signed following thier draft. Remember, a kid may be drafted, but not signed for years later.

-As many undrafted free agents make it to the NHL as do 3rd or 4th round picks.

-For those who like power forwards, we should be very happpy and excited that Dwight Helminen is in our system, now. My buddy watches a lot of Michigan games, and feels he is a true PF, with an attitude and mean streak.

-My own observations: ECAC = ECHL, Hockey East = AHL/NHL (think Nashville or Minny); WCHA = NHL (think Flyers, Devils, etc.) in terms of power, size, development, and type of game played.

-There is still a strong bias in the at leat the AHL of French-Canadian vs the World, and many players suffer b/c of it.

-The CBA palyers are drawing up rules of war, and don't expect any good news for a while.

-Greg Moore is excitig and fun to watch. The Ranger prospects I got to see where palyers in their own right, and while not all will be NHLers, the pump appears to be pretty primed.

-Names to watch in college: Petit, Suter (yes that Suter), Howard (goalie for Maine); Earl; Borque (no relation); Shields (from Scotland!); Mushaluk ( a monster D-man for Maine); Likens; Reese. Not that these are sure-fire NHLers, they just showed me something more than the other kids on the ice.

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