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03-28-2004, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by tritone
Bite your tongue man! did you just say the "i" word?!!?!??!
I guess my thread is too long....1 reply in 24 hours sheesh
Interesting list. I think Ribs' performance will be dictated by who the initial opponent is. With a team like the Leafs, Philly or Boston, he will also have to modify his playing style since checking will be much closer and defensive coverage a necessity. He will have to play dump and chase a lot more and I can see some opposing players taking a run at him when the ref isn't looking.

I don't agree with you about Bouillon. Watching Thornton (again) swat him like a fly last night is not encouraging no matter how much heart he may have. Without a doubt, he and Quintal are going to be victimized.

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