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03-28-2004, 11:24 AM
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Good post. To the extent that I have sufficient knowledge to form an opinion, this seems to conform with my own impressions. Except that I would definitely say that the NYR has the worst brain trust in the league. Philly certainly makes some screwball decisions, but they're consistently competitive. They must be doing something right. Same with Toronto.

And Ottawa has to be on anyone's shortlist of well-run teams.

I think we need to give up on Umberger. Get the 2nd round pick for him and let him be someone else's problem.

Originally Posted by Forechecker
after hanging out with a bud that is an agent on Friday (Beware, I'm paraphrasing here, and mostly trying to get the gist of what he told me across. Good accuracy, not 100%):

-The Clarke/Hextall/Holmgren braintrust in Philly is in the opinion of this one person, the worst in the league, followed quickly by the NYR and the Leafs.

-The best, according to him, Ottawa, whose head of player development also is head of the US junior team development (I think).

- RJ Umberger is getting bad advice from bad agent who is not very respected. He was offered $800k by Vancouver. Also, RJ is NOT better than Kessler (or whatever his name is), and needs to accept that, and should sign a contract ASAP.

-The NHL draft is not the same as the NFL in that the #5 pick should expect to get more than the 6th and less then the 4th. It all depends on when they are signed following thier draft. Remember, a kid may be drafted, but not signed for years later.

-As many undrafted free agents make it to the NHL as do 3rd or 4th round picks.

-For those who like power forwards, we should be very happpy and excited that Dwight Helminen is in our system, now. My buddy watches a lot of Michigan games, and feels he is a true PF, with an attitude and mean streak.

-My own observations: ECAC = ECHL, Hockey East = AHL/NHL (think Nashville or Minny); WCHA = NHL (think Flyers, Devils, etc.) in terms of power, size, development, and type of game played.

-There is still a strong bias in the at leat the AHL of French-Canadian vs the World, and many players suffer b/c of it.

-The CBA palyers are drawing up rules of war, and don't expect any good news for a while.

-Greg Moore is excitig and fun to watch. The Ranger prospects I got to see where palyers in their own right, and while not all will be NHLers, the pump appears to be pretty primed.

-Names to watch in college: Petit, Suter (yes that Suter), Howard (goalie for Maine); Earl; Borque (no relation); Shields (from Scotland!); Mushaluk ( a monster D-man for Maine); Likens; Reese. Not that these are sure-fire NHLers, they just showed me something more than the other kids on the ice.

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