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03-28-2004, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal
I don't think it's exagerated at all. Look at Dowd, he's fit in well but he came from one of the top coached systems in the NHL. He's had no problems at either end of the rink. We play a similar system to the Wild, hence the easy in fitting in. Kovy comes from a do whatever you want out there system. Right off the bat you could see him staying on the ice too long, but now seems to be taking shorter shifts cause that's what Julien wants to match up lines.

I don't even think he's been that bad. He skates so well it looks like it takes no effort whatso ever, but to me he hasn't hurt the team outside 2 bad calls on him. I think he could help this team offensively for a few years as long as the money is right, imo.
Kovalev himself said that in the offensive zone, he have the same liberty he had with the Pens, and he like that a lot. I know he have to adapt in the other two zones to avoid costy mistakes, that's the big part of the system learning in my book. But, I don't think we can blame the system for the low output of goals.

Kovalev have not been bad so far, but not good too. He missed a couple of scoring chances that could have lead to 2 or 3 goals. What I don't understand is why Kovalev don't do the effort to beat the defenceman 1 on 1 to get near to the net and shoot a lazer.

I think Kovalev would play better if used on the right side. Also, I think we should keep him on a line and stick with it. I know CJ is trying to experiencing, but I don't think that it help Kovalev. CJ should use the Ryder-Ribs-Kovy at all time. I'm sure they can do damage in the playoffs!

If you look at Kovalev career, he as been a underachiever for the most part of his career. And then at 29, he had a great 95pts output. I think that Kovalev don't try hard enough to create things on the ice. I would like to keep him for several years but not at all cost, 5millions max.

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