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11-14-2007, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
hey, your in play, no different than the boards or glass. ITS YOUR FAULT since you choose to be out there and did not avoid the puck. Why should a player go to any length to avoid you? We are all taught your "in play". A puck bounces off you and into the net, is it a legal goal? YES... Your "earful" could be considered an intimidation and will cause you a major loss of respect with the players. WHINE and stripes do not go well together.
Officials have their positioning procedures. If you've played any hockey at all, you KNOW the linesmen stand along the boards. You KNOW there is always a linesman just outside the blue line on one side when you're clearing it out and you KNOW there is always a linesman just inside the blue line on one side when you're dumping it in. It is your responsibility to avoid us when we are in our positions. If the same guy or team doesn't get the message and keeps hitting the official(s) with the puck, we can assess misconduct penalties for it.

No different than the boards or glass? Not bloody likely. Watch any elite hockey game and see how the linesmen react to having the puck hammered at them when they are in their proper position and easily avoidable. It's not a pleasant reaction. If a player shows a complete disregard for my personal safety by continuously shooting the puck in my direction when I am in position, he doesn't have my respect. We do our best to get out of the way, but it's not always avoidable when it's coming at you 70mph.

Also, if you hit me when I'm in position and you proceed to be cliche and tell me to get the **** out of the way, depending on my mood, I will either turn that earful into a lamb-basting or keep my mouth shut and have the referee give you a 10-minute misconduct when the play is over. I won't do both though, that's not fair.

And as mentioned, no, if a puck deflects off us and directly into the net, it does NOT count.

Whoever taught you that officials are "in play" taught you wrong. We're not just like the boards or glass where you can use us to play the puck off of.

Incase you're wondering, if I get hit when I'm out of position, I will apologize and the game will go on.

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