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11-15-2007, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Evil Speaker View Post
You need to look at Bernie's playoff performance too..

Top playoff point scorers of the 1950's:

Geoffrion placed 1st,2nd,2nd,2nd,3rd,4th
Richard - 1st,2nd,2nd,3rd,3rd,5th
Beliveau - 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th
Howe - 1st,1st,4th,5th
Moore - 1st,1st,4th
Mackell - 1st,3rd
Lindsay - 1st,5th

Hey it looks like he even outmatched The Rocket. Wasn't he the best clutch player ever?
Geoffrion absolutely does deserve mention among the greatest playoff performers in history, and I get the impression that he'd have played more regular season games (and obviously put up better numbers) if not for the fact that the Habs often rested him to get him healthy for the postseason. I think the same thing likely happened with Dickie Moore. It's not as if those Habs teams were fighting for a playoff spot in the regular season. I wasn't alive or was very young at the time all of this was going on so it's mainly conjecture on my part, but that's the impression I've always gotten. Maybe pappy has a clearer picture?

Relative team strength has to be taken into account when looking at raw playoff numbers, as well. In the 50's, the top Habs forwards and the Production Line guys are the only players who really had a decent shot at being the top playoff scorers in any given year (makes Fleming Mackell's achievements all the more impressive on an overmatched Bruins team). Geoffrion's playoff scoring record (and his consistency in the postseason in spite of his irregular regular season performances - again, I think it's a question of health) certainly is impressive, but I don't find it very surprising given the circumstances.

At any rate, my first post wasn't meant as a shot at Bernie Geoffrion. I consider him one of the known quantities of the draft. With the exception of Milt Schmidt this time around, until at least the 3rd round there isn't anything I'd consider drama nor any player whose record isn't well-known, front and back, side to side. I was just pointing out that getting a clear picture of any one player (nevermind a whole team) involves a lot more than simply looking at his best regular season performance. Considering that the question posed was basically "why isn't Geoffrion a 1st rounder?" I thought it was appropriate to highlite the reasons why he isn't rather than the other good things about him that hadn't been mentioned yet.

He's one wing on arguably the best line in the draft, in my opinion. I should also mention that I find the makeup of the Mahovlich - Abel - Geoffrion line quite cool. Ignoring Maurice Richard, you've got the three greatest Golden Age players at their respective positions (and on their respective teams) from the three great Golden Age teams. It's kind of frightening.

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