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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
1) Have you ever participated in organized, competitive youth sports?
No (skip to question #3)

2) For how many years did you participate?

3) Do you believe that youth sports are being increasingly professionalized in their approach to the games? (emphasis on winning, as would be the case on a professional team, as opposed to fun and development. Hiring specialized coaches, etc.)
*This depends entirely on the level (ie house league/rep) and the coaches, though.

4) Do you think that adults, on average, take youth sports too seriously?

5) Please rank the following items 1st through 4th, according to what you believe to be their importance in youth sports (1st being the most important, 4th being the least.)

3 - Learning skills/techniques
2 - Having fun
1 - Developing teamwork skills*
4 - Winning/succeeding

*Developing the ability to work as a team is what makes sport fun and is also an important life skill.

6) Have you ever witnessed or personally experienced what you would consider excessive pressure to succeed in athletics from any of the following sources? (check all that apply)

Teammates - yes

Parents/spectators - yes
Coaches - yes

7) Please rank the following groups 1st through 5th, according to the amount of pressure you believe they place on young athletes (1 being the greatest source of pressure, 5 being the least)

2 -The athlete’s parents
5 -Other athletes’ parents
3 -Coaches/Managers
1 -Teammates
4 -The Media (idolizing/glamorizing of pro athletes)

8) Do you believe that parents and coaches should have to sign personal conduct contracts that prevent them from heckling or berating the athletes during games and practices?
*Not all adults need to be reminded of their responsibility to act as such, but it gives the sporting association grounds to deal with any problems that arise.

9) Some sports leagues do not keep score in an attempt to create more focus on developing skills and having fun and less pressure to succeed. Do you believe that this is an effective approach?
*Although in games that are very lopsided (ie. winning by more than 5) I don't see a need to continue posting scores.

10) Do you believe that youths who otherwise enjoy participating in sports may quit mostly because of the pressure put on them to succeed in their chosen sport?
Although the idea of your project has value, I'm not sure if the data itself will tell you anything, really. Unless you know the specifics that each respondent is referring to (ie. are they answering the questions based on children aged 4 or 14, in initiation or rep, etc.) it's impossible to get a picture that tells the whole story.

And referring to Question 5, I'd like to add that learning skills/techniques, developing teamwork skills, and winning/succeeding are 'what' questions, while having fun is 'how'. Also curious why you didn't include 'improve/maintain physical fitness' as a choice, although I guess that could be included in learning skills/technique....

Anyway, good luck with your project!

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