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11-15-2007, 06:44 PM
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Dont get me wrong. I do not advocate intentionally aiming a puck at an on ice official. That would be just plain wrong and intent to injure would be assumed. Pucks come near or strike officials very frequently and will do so many many times in a single game.

As for it not being a goal, Then Refs here are not going by the rules. I have seen goals count with the puck going directly off an official and into the net. One was off a skate and another off a shoulder.

like it or not the on ice official are IN PLAY. There is no stoppage(unless injury) and to call a penalty on a team or player for pucks coming NEAR you repeatedly is obsurd. This sounds like beer league to me not youth hockey. If your 100% that a player is acting in an intentional/retalitory fashion, understandable.

To verbally go off on any player is contrary to USA hockey guidelines and could be considered conduct unbecoming. To do so would be a total loss of emotional control. This is what officials need to avoid MOST!

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