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11-15-2007, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by jman66 View Post
i'm actually a physiotherapist myself and have a great interest in sports injuries.

At this point in your rehab you should have a good amount of strength back in the leg. You should also be workng on stabilization exercises. One of my favourite is getting the patient on foam or pillows and just starting with the eyes closed (you don't realize until you do this with an injured leg how much you rely on vision for stability). Once you get confident in being able to do this for 5 minutes start by adding squats on the foam/pillow with eyes closed -- then one legged squats.After this point you can get creative. Get yourself off the pillow, do sidesteps and grapevines (they simulate the skate stride on dryland) and then pick up your tempo. These will be better for you than running because you don't put your legs back and forth for skating, you go more to the side.

Your therapist should be progressing these into your treatments, and if not they are great exercises to gain that trust again. Build yourself up to what you need to do and then start to do it at a higher pace. Otherwise just get yourself back on the ice, that is goin to be your very best exercise, start slow and work on stops/starts, stick handling, etc. and then add in the speed. You're quite young, you will heal much better than you will in 10 years time.
Sorry it's been a busy couple days with exams, internship interviews, and other crap.

Yea I've been doing a lot of balance stuff for the past few months. I borrowed an Indo Board from a relative and have been practicing balance while stick handling a ball around since probably about 6-8 weeks after the surgery (I'm 17 weeks post-op today). I had to look up grapevines to find out what they were, turns out I've done them before for hockey training...but I don't know if I'd feel comfortable doing them yet though.

They have me doing double leg squats while standing on the flat side of a BOSU, and doing lunges off of the ball side. My last couple visits they've had me do 1 leg squats while leaning up against a balance ball pressed up to a wall, as well as jumping exercises on this machine that you lie flat on your back on.I'm definitely gonna take the skating slow to start once I get the brace. Right now I'm mostly missing muscle in, what I think is called, the VMO area...which I think is what I need most before getting the brace measured. I probably won't play a game until I've been skating for a month. Thanks for the advice.

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