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11-16-2007, 01:49 AM
I voted for Kodos
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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Nothing against Mahovlich - Abel - Geoffrion line obviously, but that's even more non-sense or discredit thrown (indirectly this time) at me on your behalf.
What pit said.

It was a hard idea to get across, but what I meant was that except for Geoffrion (who is clearly not as good as Richard), he's got three forwards who were the best at their position on their team from each of the great golden age teams. Mahovlich is the best Leafs LW, Abel the best Wings C and Geoffrion the 2nd best Habs RW. No, I was not making a comparison of Dickie Moore and Frank Mahovlich, nor Pocket vs. Abel.

Obviously Moore - Richard - Richard is among the best lines in the draft. If I had a second favorite line after pappy's (ignoring my own), that would be it. Dickie and the Rocket are a couple of my favorite all-time players, because of both talent and personality. I wasn't in love with where you took Henri Richard, but nevertheless, I think the three will play extremely good 2-way hockey.

Can we put this to rest, MXD? At no point has it been my intention to discredit you, and I don't recall saying anything about your team other than that Phil Watson was a lousy coach (luckily he's your 4th line center, and a very good one - he's got third line skill) and that Zubov can be pushed around by stronger forwards.

I'm not going to apologize for my annoyance at your comments on Harry Cameron, which had nothing to do with hockey and little to do with reality as far as I can tell. I realize that you were probably using "he'll show up drunk at a few games" as a general statement about Cameron's reliability as a team player (which you are right to criticize) given what we already know about him, but I find it a little offensive when anyone takes a cavalier attitude to something as serious as alcoholism. It's almost macabre at times how personal we get in our evaluations of these players as individuals and in a team setting; I do it too. Nevertheless, I think there is a line which should be respected when discussing their qualities as people.

I will apologize for the "inconsistent" comment. What I said was rather harsh, at least insofar as how I said it. I'm sorry.

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