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Originally Posted by Hockeycritic View Post
You are RUDE and STUPID and because of such self-confident use of words like 'rubbish'... what clever thoughts in your head? I more and more start to think that mboards isn't the place where you can find something to appreciate well in hockey industry for people who don't do blah-blah-blah...

For you to know KOVALCHUK wasn't big when he started to work with 1983 RUSNAT coach Mr.Plyuuschev in Spartak M but he developed into superstar athlete with good height for hockey game. Tell you more Atlanta scouts with whom I was lucky enough to talk were unsure if that smart small boy could grow up enough for 2-3 years before NHL Draft time.

Well, list looks too aggressive and I leave it for the guy who likes 6'3 guys without head onto the shoulders...with long tougues for blah-blah-blah...

Kuchin, come on? Did you see him with Chekhov Vityaz-2 team? Stocky player with smarts and skills but only when his legs move under him. When he switches off his feet move-turns into nothing but I will never think he may be NHL player. Russian league player YES in 2-3 years perhaps...

Watch soon in February 2008 RAISOV onto U-18 RUSNAT 5-nations tournament and then U-18 WJC in Kazan!

Bye-bye for now!
no need to take things too personally but the way how you treat kuchin and hyping raisov put me think that way.

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