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Originally Posted by XweekendwarriorX View Post
a neck guard is about the most uncomfortable thing to ever wear besides a wool sweater. i hated every second wearing one and i never had a problem with not wearing one in high school and juniors.
I agree that almost every one is very uncomfortable. I did not wear one as a youth but as an adult it was more important to prevent injury. I have to be able to go to work and support my family.

I had purchased several different goalie throat protectors but couldnt take wearing one for more than about 10 minutes. Heat retention and that tight choke feeling were too much. That changed when I bought the maltese neck guard. For the out player or goalie, It is one of the last pieces I remove after a game. IT can be frozen(does not harden) prior to play and once around the neck, you dont even notice its there. The combos and slash guards protect against BOTH skate cut and puck impact.

I took a puck at around 65mph into the front of my throat. Dropped me, sucking for wind for about 45 seconds but I recovered and finished the game. Not a bruise or even sore the next day. I purchased my youngest a slash guard when he was 9. 2" high collar and 16" neck diameter. HE still wears the same one now at 13-14 and will prob fit for at least another 2 seasons. The price tag is much more than the BNQ's for the out player but your getting a product that offeres outstanding protection.

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