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03-29-2004, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by 2goodtimes
Since we're roughly 2 losses away from being mathematically eliminated, i took the liberty to start the summer hype of the next future Kings draftee.

Should be a great way to help take our minds off of the current play of the Kings, as we watch them mutter away a playoff berth for the 2nd year in a row.

So, with what appears to be the 12th (subject to change over the final 4 games)overall pick of the 2004 NHL draft, the Los Angeles Kings select (fill in the blank). Give some reasoning behing your pick.

- Alvaro Montoya G CCHA U of Michigan, if he isn't available my backup selection would be Marek Schwarz G CZE Sparta

The biggest weakness of our farm is the lack of a bonified blue-chip goalie prospect. Either Montoya or Schwarz will fill this void nicely. IMO


Actually, there have been many threads that have covered this topic and who we should/will draft this year and the odds on favourite here is Montoya as well.

So, nothing new but, I reckon it is a grand thing to keep these types of posts on the board so we can keep focused on the positive.

Montoya is a grand one as is Schwartz. I posted a question a few days ago on the prospect board on who would be the better goalie prospect and it is torn. Have a look and you will find it on the prospect page.

I reckon that since we are dead loaded with grand defencive and wing prospects and that it is unlikely we will find a superstar first line center to draft (due to the weak draft this year *or as it is reported to be*) that we actually might want to draft the best goalie prospect available.

Montoya (Schwartz) might just be the best available player for us to draft. I hope so. We have a few good goalie prospects that are doing pretty well in the minors (Marsters,Zaba,Munce) but to add a true number one prospect would be right smart.

Of course, I would hope that we don't ever see him in a Kings uni until he is 24 or so years old (at least) especially since we have such a grand farm team to tune him up in, but, we would do well to nab one of them.

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