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03-29-2004, 02:49 PM
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After about a full year of not seeing any sub-20 year-old hockey such as juniors and college, this weekend has been absolute heaven.

I've seen Michigan v. BC, Minn v. Minn-Duluth and North Dakota v. Denver.

-Helminen is a player that might stay for his senior year at Michigan, but I think he's ready. As a center, he took care of his defensive duties and provided some offense also. He's just another two-way college forward that we wont get enough of.

-T.J. Hensick most definately should be taken with our first pick in the second round. Was watching the game and wondered what made him different from Parise other than experience. As a freshman he was outstanding in the game v. BC. Hensick was flying around the ice, created offensive chances and back-checked. He's abit smaller, less than 6 I believe but he's stocky and should add more strength. Now I really want Sather to pick him up.

-I have no bias against small guys as I am one too...I always want them to succeed, but I wasnt that impressed with Voce. He doesnt have it, the stuff that makes Gionta and St. Louis go. Just MO.

-The Eaves brothers are heart and soul kids. Pat Eaves has more pro-potential but his brother aint that bad himself. Boyle is one big mother of a forward. Didnt notice Pineault. Did he play?

-I thought Tambellini would've stood out more as a seasoned Sophmore but didnt do much.

Minnesota v. Minn.-Duluth

-Taylor got the odd shift as it seemed Minnesota wanted to go with the experienced guys like Ballard and Harrington. Taylor is a huge guy with good mobility and pretty good skating. He's no Dale Purinton. He's nasty also. Always takes his guy out and rubs him out. So big that he engulfs the oppostion when he pins them.(Lol, is that in right text?). Made a nice defensive play when he dived and poked the puck off the forward breaking in.

-I liked Junior Lessard alot. He played with intensity, gave hits, took hits and wasnt afraid to go into traffic and get hit. Has nice skills also. Should be given a contract, although we cant get everyone can we?

North Dakota v. Denver

-I was most impressed by Brady Murray as a forward and Matt Smaby as a d-man. Murray is a fast, small, intelligent and skilled forward. I thought he was the best forward on ND. Although Smaby didnt play that much, I thought he was awesome or atleast has awesome potential for the future. He's huge, nasty a very good skater and has nice puck skills. Always looked to punish the opposing forwards and I liked him alot. Drew Stafford did jack nothing. Had one play in the entire game where he showed decent stickhandling and skills. The rest of the game has no pulse or desire to pursue the puck. Basically lollygagging. Although, this is only one game and I cant judge a whole season and say we shouldnt take him with a pick.

-Didnt pay much attention to Denver except for a pest, skilled guy in Lukas Dora. Seemed like he has a passion for the game.

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