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03-29-2004, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Big M1ke
I don't get the "still" in "still want Perreault on the first line"

I never wanted him to be there.
I brought up this topic because i kept seeing Perreault on everybody's first line for what they were hoping for the playoffs. I'm sorry to have brought this up again but I just couldnt believe it. I wanted him outta there even when he was doing well but it was logic to let him stay cuz of his recent succes. Even when he was doing bad lately , he was STILL on many people's first line. That said, some people say that would prefer Perreault instead of Bulis. Thats just crazy. Perreault's succes lies in the hands of Koivu and zed if theyre doing Bad Perreault will be even worse and even when Zed and Koivu play well he's still stinkin'.

At least Bulis could create something or make something happen when Koivu and Zed are not playing well. We clearly saw the last few games what we'll get from Perreault when the games get physical and the Cheking gets tighter, Nothing. He's not gonna hit anybody, he's not gonna show grit, intensity or make something happen and he skill is way more limited than Bulis aside from his goal scoring abilities. He's clearly the worst LW first and second liner in the NHL, so why do we have to keep there? Even Ward could do a better job than him. This is the front line that we bring to to war? Then were in big trouble. Dont bring back Perreault's performance in the playoffs years ago where more than half of his points came on the powerplay. If we only use him for that i have no problem with.

Guys i'm a DIE HARD habs fan. If they do bad i'm pissed as hell, they freakin' make my heart pumpin everygames and in the playoffs. I just cant believe that we can win with a soft Floater like Perreault on our first line.

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