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03-29-2004, 03:47 PM
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Accountable Andy Poll

Andy Murray added insult to injury today in his ESPN article. Prompting me to lift some of what was said about him in another post and make this poll. Below I have clipped what "accountable andy his self has said today" and some of that other thread as well.

Vote your mind.

From ESPN today when asked in regards to benching Frolov etc.

"This is a what have you done for me lately business we are in". Andy, "what have YOU done for me lately"?

The rest is from the other thread.

" He has proven that he cannot or will not coach a team that has anything more than his robots on it. He WAS a candidate for coach of the year and when did he drop off of those lists?

Right when we got healthy.

What does Andy do in response to our losing streak? BENCH FROLOV. The leading goal scorer for our team and also, our team leading plus minus player.

Why does he do it? "He hasn't given us the amount of energy in his game when we need him the most". Who's fault is that? ANDY MURRAYS!

In the three games that Andy has decided that "Frolov hasn't given" him the type of energy that he wanted, ANDY had paired him with two totally different line mates then he has played with before.

In other words, Hey Second Year Scoring/+/- leader, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILTY to carry your line and make the pile of scat Carter and Belanger top players.

Andy is a disgrace in his poor asset management skills and in this one in particular.

He is in essence blaming Frolov for the poor play of Anson Carter/Martin Straka and Eric Belanger but only benching him and Straka when our two worst forward during this stretch have been Belanger and Carter.

During the past ten games, Belanger and Carter are 1 and 2 on our team in - on the plus minus stat and have played dead awful but, has "accountability Andy" benched either of them? NO. Instead he takes a hard working productive SECOND YEAR 21 one year old player, who has done EVERYTHING and MORE that has been asked of him, and not only benches him but, SLAMS HIM IN THE PAPERS as well.


Accountability Andy has simply just dropped several notches in my estimate. His slamming and benching of certain players (all euros by the by) for not producing, when they are producing and giving more then allot of the players he has decided to reward with ice time, for "not giving enough" and for at times publicly critisizing the team is so bloody hypocritical and wrong that it truly sickens me.

He has AGAIN failed to lead us to the playoffs or the finals and while you can find several excuses as why, in the end, he has had more games than any coach in the history of the team to accomplish something that others have done more than, with less.

The most troubling thing to me about accountability andy though, is that with his benching of Frolov in particular, as well as critisizing him in the press, it shows me that if a player who gives his bloody all and has accomplished 3rd (some would argue second behind Spezza) most amoung his draft mates as well as be our best two way forward that if HE isn't "good enough" then how in the bloody hell will ANY of our lads be so in the next couple of years?

I mean, will accountability andy be able to use his assets any better when he is forced to have to play our other youngsters? I am starting to see a few patterns with him that makes me think not. ESPECIALLY if they are european and forwards.

I have always thought that "andy hates european players" stuff rubbish but, I am starting to wonder.

I mean, how else can you explain his latest rubbish scat decision making mistakes?

Anson Carter has not only been unable to produce anything for us with the exception of a truly astonishingly poor minus stat, he has also floated more then a Sunday Moringing Dump. Yet, Frolov sits for lack of effort?

Eric Belagner has been our worst forward (though you could argue Carter has) and yet, Accountability Andy rewards his poor play, point production and plus minus with TOP SIX ICE TIME.

Andy Murray has lost control of his team and it is likely due to decisions like the ones he has made over the past fifteen games.

I am truly saddened and astonished by his latest ridiculous decisions and have ZERO faith in him as a coach.

We can go on and tie the struggling Avs tonight or even steal a win. They know they are in the playoffs and are going to rest at least one of their top players tonight so, we could steal a point or two but, in the end, he has showed us what he is capable of when given the tools to produce.

Fire Andy Murray, it is time in my opinion.

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